I want to ask a question about the legality of printing the Nintendo logo (and trademarks) on unlicensed retro spare parts.

If you search for "GBA lens" on eBay you will find replica of the glass/ lens for the Game Boy Advance. The (original) "Game Boy Advance" logo is printed on them. I want to know if this is legal. I think the logo graphic is copyrighted by Nintendo. Also Game Boy is a registered trademark.

Some manufacturers print the Nintendo logo and other's don't. So I am not sure. I've heard about "right to restore".

Which is the right site to ask this question on? Law, Retro Computing, Arqade, or elsewhere?

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    This question would almost certainly be off-topic on Arqade. See this Meta discussion the community had on the subject. Additionally, Arqade's "legal" tag's wiki says: "USE WITH CAUTION. Questions asking if something is (il)legal are off topic here. Use this tag for questions concerning EULAs, Terms of Service, Licensing & Public Domain queries or otherwise related to the laws that protect games, their creators and their consumers."
    – Spevacus
    Sep 9 at 13:59
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    probably law.se is the place
    – Esther
    Sep 9 at 16:38
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    Law seems the most fitting. Sep 10 at 15:57

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This squarely fits within the scope of Law. Be aware that they cannot give legal advice, so you should not ask whether or not it's legal for you to do X, but rather what the laws regarding X are.

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