An RSS feed URL such as this, which validator.w3.org says is a valid feed, "is not authorized" in Thunderbird 102.2.2 (64-bit).

Stack Exchange RSS URLs used to work in Thunderbird versions prior to circa July 2022.


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Many requests, including to the RSS feed, stand a chance of getting blocked with a Forbidden error if you do not send a User-agent along with your request. If you're seeing that particular error, you'll want to check your system to make sure it is passing a User-agent along with the request.

  • Thanks. This is a good tip; yet there must be something else, as I've been unable to resolve this problem no matter how I set (or don't) the user agent string in Thunderbird. (Of course, the problem is ultimately Feedburner, rather than Thunderbird or SX, but even so.)
    – chsk
    Commented Mar 7, 2023 at 17:17

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