In relation to an ongoing election, this post was mentioned: Include information about elections in the newsletter. One of the tags on that question is , which is a synonym of .

I have noticed that:

Is this caused by the tag synonym?

Personally I would consider this a bug. (I'd expect that the two synonymized tags should behave more or less equivalently. At least, I would expect that one of the two searches should return this question.)

I am aware that I can find posts with the tag newsletter using SEDE and in the same way I could search for a specific string in the given tag. However, it would be more natural to have a possibility to find such post using the search function on the site.

Of course, if the cause is something different or if this is the expected behavior, I have no problem with retagging this question from to .

After a recent conversation in chat it seems that I should probably clarify the question a bit. I might be wrong, but it seems to me, that problem like this happens in the following situations:

  1. The post was tagged with a tag.
  2. The synonym was created later (and the synonymized tag wasn't merged into the master tag).
  3. And the post wasn't edited since then - so it still has the "old" tag.

Here are some other examples from this site I was able to find. (The links are always first to searches with the two synonymized tags and then for some other tag.)


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