The markdown editor breaks URLs that have a [] in them in the post preview. For example:

Test link

the URL is:


it works fine in the final result, though, so it's very minor.


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I've noticed that the URL generator (highlight your URL, then hit the world-with-arrow icon) gets confused if the URL being highlighted has a close-square-bracket -- it thinks "aha someone already put the end of URL marker in for me, so I won't bother putting in another one", which prematurely ends the URL markup:

link text: text
url: http://blah/foo]bar



[1]: http://blah/foo

Rather than what should be:


[1]: http://blah/foo\]bar

There may be minor variances in the javascript Markdown preview and the server-side Markdown rendering. This is unlikely to ever match 100%.

  • Not that I know which software is used to render the Markdowns, but couldn't one use the same context-free grammar so that, at least, the interpretation is done the same way? Jan 2, 2015 at 13:58

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