All user contributions on Stack Exchange are licensed (currently under CC-BY-SA 4.0). Back in 2020, Creative Commons Licensing UI and Data Updates made a change in showing the license explicitly for Q&A posts (on the timeline and share pop-up) and comments (on the tooltip). However, the UI for tag excerpts and wikis is not touched.

On the other hand, Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) actually shows the license info for both tag excerpts and wikis, considering those are also considered "posts" in the database.

The following tables available on data.stackexchange.com will include (in the next refresh) a ContentLicense field: Posts, PostHistory and Comments.

SEDE query (thanks Larnu!):

       W.Body AS Wiki,
       W.ContentLicense AS WikiLicence,
       E.Body AS Excerpt,
       E.ContentLicense AS ExcerptLicence
FROM dbo.Tags T
     LEFT JOIN dbo.Posts W ON T.WikiPostId = W.Id
                          AND W.PostTypeId = 5
     LEFT JOIN dbo.Posts E ON T.ExcerptPostId = E.Id
                          AND E.PostTypeId = 4
--Where [Count]>10

An answer by muru to the announcement also raised this issue, which has been status reviewed but not handled yet:

What about tag wikis and excerpts? They are also (usually) contributed by users, and can be revised. However, at present there are no generally-accessible timelines for tag wikis (e.g., https://meta.stackexchange.com/posts/168600/timeline) or excerpts (e.g., https://meta.stackexchange.com/posts/168601/timeline) [...]

Thus, can we have the license info shown for tag excerpts and wikis, at least as simple as a single line of text directly on the tag info page?



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