A user has chosen a screen name that could be construed as deeply offensive. Actually, aside from the possibility that it is intended as a joke (ie tongue-in-cheek), it can't be regarded as other than offensive.

What is SE policy on handling of such a case?

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As a user - flag it, and a moderator will take a look. The local moderators will judge the username and reset it if needed. It’s also likely the user will get a moderator message explaining why, and if we're feeling nice, we may help reset it to something more appropriate. If you feel additional context is needed - either because it’s slang or not in English, please include as much as possible in the flag.

There may be slight delays while a moderator looks at the flag and decides what to do, but in general this is the workflow we follow. If there are doubts to the offensiveness, especially when it’s a non-English language or we aren't sure if it’s against policy, we may consult with staff or in some cases other moderators to work out the best solution.


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