I am foreigner and my English is very poor.

But I have to learn English in Stack Exchange.

I have posted a question related to English grammar in English Language & Usage: Is the Grammar wrong

If my article wants correction or critique requests by Stack Exchange, on which Stack Exchange community should I post on?


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If you want to improve your English knowledge, and you have questions about specific aspects of English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, usage, etc., then English Language Learners (ELL) is the place to go.

BUT, it is off-topic to simply ask whether your sentence is correct, or ask to find errors, or ask to correct or improve your English writing. Questions like that will be closed. No site on the network accepts that kind of question.

For instance, you asked whether your sentence, "This solution apply my question" had good grammar. That's a request to find errors, so it's off-topic. A better question might be:

"This solution apply my question"
In that sentence, I'm unsure how to connect "apply" and "my question". Is it just "apply my question", or "apply with my question" or something else?

To be clear, the purpose of all questions on ELL is for you and others to learn English. If you're ready to work at learning English, and you can ask questions like the above (or better), it's a helpful place.

But if you just want your writing improved and you don't really want to spend the time to improve your English, then this network isn't the place. You probably want a private homework tutor.


If my article want to correct or critique requests by Stack Exchange, in which Stack Exchange community should I post about it?

Sorry, but both our English sites here, ELL and EL&U, don't do proofreading for users. You can try to rephrase your questions to ask about grammar questions specifically, e.g., why is the grammar in this sentence so. Also make sure to show your research! As that is one close reason on ELL. Otherwise ELL should be best.


Let me address the contents of your post in English Language & Usage part by part.

This is my first time to create article. If I get some mistake. I hope you will excuse and teach me. The article is written in stackoverflows.

You have frequently mentioned "article" in your question. In Stack Exchange, we generally use the word post, or to be specific, question/answer. Also, you don't need to mention that you're creating a post for the first time as fellow users can identify that on their own.

How to show tooltip image when hover on button pyqt5

But the grammar in textbook in Taiwan. After the word "when" will connect V-ing (present progressive).

Hover in the article is after "when". So the word hover will become hovering.

Is the article grammar wrong?

You linked to page in Stack Overflow and asked about the tense of the word "hover", but you didn't mention where the word was exactly mentioned (and the link was a bit confusing). One could only find the word if they searched for it. It's mentioned in the title and in the first sentence of the post.

The title of the post from Stack Overflow is

How to show tooltip image when hover on button pyqt5

and the first sentence:

I want to show image when hover on button.

I suppose you are asking why hover is mentioned instead of hovering and whether it is appropriate to write like that as per grammar rules.

If you can write your question in a more understandable manner, I think you can post in English Language Learners.

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    The 1st quote is social/meta content in the main site post & should not be there. Neither does the thanks at the end. The relevant text should be quoted not at a link, posts should be self-contained. If they are only talking about the title, that should be made clear & there is no need to link.
    – philipxy
    Nov 1, 2022 at 9:35
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    @philipxy I have added some of your suggestions in my post. Nov 1, 2022 at 16:03
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    It was already an ELL question (posted about 4 hours after the EL&U one). Nov 1, 2022 at 18:53
  • "mention that you're creating a post for the first time" The whole paragraph should be gone. Also "the thanks at the end" of the post.
    – philipxy
    Nov 1, 2022 at 21:42

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