I recently got inbox notifications of rude/abusive troll comments from a post I followed. The comments were already deleted by the time I viewed the post from the inbox notification, but they are still showing up in my inbox:

screenshot of undeleted rude/abusive comments

I don't really need to be notified that someone commented:

ugh ughguhgughguhgg uhgguhguhguhg ugh ughu gughughughug ughg uguh ughg frioooooooooooooooooo oooo...

Especially since the comments were already deleted.

(The comments in the above screenshot were from: What is the difference between (these four) sleep states?)

According to an answer at the post, Please clear chat message notifications out of my inbox if the message was deleted as rude/abusive:

So my suggestion: If a message is deleted as rude/abusive in chat, any inbox notifications coming from its mentions should be deleted too.

Captain Picard says "and so it is done".

The change went live earlier this month. If you see any issues, please let us know.

I'm not sure if followed post inbox notifications are also intended to be included in the above feature. This meta post is either a bug report if the above feature is intended to also include followed post inbox notifications, or if not, this serves as a feature request to remove all notifications of comments that have been deleted as rude/abusive from the inbox.



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