On sites where images are helpful to answer a question such as Gardening and Landscaping or Home Improvement new users regularly try and upload images that are greater than the 2 Mb image limit. They get this message "Your image is too large to upload (over 2 MiB)."

If a user checks the help files with any of these search term: "photos", "photographs", "pictures: they will get no results. "Upload" has two results regarding chat rooms and markdown. If there is no guidance for new users then the question is hard to answer or is abandoned.

I am asking for a new help topic called Photos and redirects from search so that if you search for photos, photographs, pictures, upload, image or images the new article is a search result. The article should explain what the limits in size and format and how to reduce a picture in size so it can be uploaded.

showing no search results in help



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