Lately, the use of ChatGPT on the network has become controversial, with Stack Overflow completely banning using generated text for content and several other sites considering bans.

Could we get a list of threads and policies so that we can all get a high-level view of what is going on both network-wide and in different corners of the network?

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    Related Where to ask / migrate questions about ChatGPT
    – Rubén
    Dec 18, 2022 at 1:27
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    I want to thank you for this question, and you & everyone who's contributed for the answer here. I've been looking through these discussions on a semi-regular basis. It has been immensely valuable for understanding the broader opinions, how they vary from site to site, and how they evolve with time.
    – Slate StaffMod
    Jan 3 at 18:55

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    Candidate: Are all generative AIs banned?. The title suggests it is too broad, but maybe it isn't. Jan 31 at 19:53
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    @This_is_NOT_a_forum not relevant anymore, it was closed as duplicate. Feb 12 at 8:55
  • Are there any sites that affirmatively allow ChatGPT, or is it either banned or no explicit policy on all sites?
    – isaacg
    Aug 25 at 15:15
  • @ShadowTheGPTWizard It was reopened.
    – Rubén
    Aug 25 at 15:18
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    @isaacg Your comment looks like a follow-up question. Such questions should be posted as new questions, not as a comment.
    – Rubén
    Aug 25 at 15:19

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