The Squared Away hat's description is (without clicking on it):

Post 4 answers on 4 separate sites during Winter Bash

Which is unclear for many users, I came across 3 users asking in chat that why they didn't receive the hat, and we looked into their profile and realized that they think it's for 1 answer per site.

I had the same thought in the beginning as well. Could we rephrase it as something along the lines of:

Post 4 answers per site on 4 separate sites during Winter Bash

Or using "each":

Post 4 answers on 4 separate sites each during Winter Bash

Or, maybe rephrase it as something even more clear.

  • Should 4 questions and 4 answers be in the same site? Commented Dec 25, 2022 at 23:48

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Congrats, you fell for the same trick as I did. Finally, I am not alone.

Jokes aside, the issue is that some of the hats have confusing short descriptions. But if you check the long version that you get in the pop-up panel, you will see that it is indeed much more precise.

Post 4 (positive, non-deleted) answers on 4 separate sites (16 answers total) during Winter Bash.

Considering that the Tourist hat's short version description was not changed, I fear that this one won't too.


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