Take a look at this (badly asked) question: When I try to implement the project it fails and I get this error

I tried to change the Markdown of the question since the text is enlarged and in bold: enter image description here

Typically, this text format would be done by using multiple pound signs, e.g. ###.

So I tried to edit to post to remove the heading, however, I don't see anything special formatting applied to the text of the question; it's formatted in plain text.

I think this is because the question was asked using the "Ask Question Wizard".

How can I edit a question that was wrongly formatted by the Ask Question Wizard?


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It isn't wrongly formatted by the wizard; it contains a line of hyphens which causes the header formatting. When you remove it, the formatting will be better (but that grammar ... ouch ...)

enter image description here

  • Interesting, I never knew that you can format documents like that. For those wondering: I just checked on a Readmefile.md and the formatting is the same, so I guess it's meant to be formatted like that
    – MendelG
    Dec 30, 2022 at 19:33

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