I have a couple of tag RSS feeds set up across multiple sites, and apparently starting on January 2nd, occasionally the feeds are fetching data for a completely different tag.

For example, on January 2nd, the tag feed (https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag?tagnames=cics&sort=newest) fetched a number of questions tagged with . An hour or so ago, the (https://serverfault.com/feeds/tag?tagnames=zos&sort=newest) tag fetched a number of questions tagged with as well. This isn't repeatable, exactly, because when I've fetched the tag manually, the resulting XML doesn't have any of these questions in them, but they show up in my feed reader.

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    Maybe related (MSO): Tags behaving oddly this New Year's Day
    – rene
    Jan 5 at 21:54
  • Seems very reasonable, yes. Jan 6 at 16:24
  • I had this happen too, a search for mcap returned a bunch of results that seemed to be related to wix.
    – jtbandes
    Jan 17 at 18:22
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    @jtbandes this is obvious bug. Not support question. Jan 19 at 8:46
  • @jtbandes To add, this isn't asking whether it's a bug or expressing uncertainty regarding that. It's asserting that it is a bug. If it indeed turns out to be intentional, mods or staff can add the status-bydesign tag. (I'm someone who frequently retags such questions and this is one I wouldn't.) Jan 19 at 10:40
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    Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of the support tag. However, the main reason I added the tag was to bump the question. I couldn't think of any other useful edits since the question body already covers all the relevant points.
    – jtbandes
    Jan 19 at 19:39
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  • Happening to other tags as well meta.stackexchange.com/q/387370/152193 Mar 10 at 6:29
  • It just happened again at 19:08 UTC with the kedro feed of Stack Overflow. Mar 21 at 20:09
  • Reported again here.
    – Ryan M
    Apr 27 at 20:04
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    Still happening for me occasionally in Slack.
    – jtbandes
    Jun 30 at 21:50
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    Each time this happens I get about ~30 posts dumped in to the Slack RSS integration in one shot. Today 09/08 [google-apps-script] on my subscription to [q]. On 27/07 tagged [android] on my [pykx] subscription.
    – rianoc
    Aug 9 at 17:26


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