I'd like to request a feature addition where navigating to the page of the result I desire to view (in any SE website) is able to be done by simply entering the page number of the results page you want to go to, in a small prompt that pops up when clicking the "..." button.

An example of what it may look like: enter image description here

This is from NarutoForums for anyone curious.

While it is true that one can navigate to any page they like by merely changing the page=<page number> part of the URL, I believe a feature such as this integrated into the site user interface itself makes it much more convenient for everyone, and not everyone may know this "URL trick" either (as I did not). It also reduces the risk of mistyping into the URL which is a lot more difficult to see than just the page number displayed at the bottom of a page.


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I've made a userscript called Better Paginator that adds this functionality. It replaces the ellipsis in the default paginator with a box where you can type in the page number you want to go to, and then if you press Enter, it will take you to that page number:

enter image description here

You'll need a userscript manager (I use Tampermonkey), and then you can install it by clicking on this install button:


The source code is on GitHub here.

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