Most questions on the SE websites tend to abbreviate their views above 1000 views. Meaning that a question with 1000 views shows it as "1k views", 10,000 views as "10k views" and so on.

But, is there a way to view the actual number of views on a question?

To clarify:

Suppose we have a question with 9,568 views. But, this is shown as "9k views" on the question. I need to find a way to view the "9568 views" and not the "9k views" approximation.

Is there a way to view the actual number of views of a question?

This is not a duplicate of Is there a way to view the number of unique views for a question on a mobile device? or Number of views not available from an Android phone because they ask about the deprecated mobile site. On the other hand, this question is asking about the modern responsive site.


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The exact number of views for a question (subject to caching) can be seen by hovering over the "Viewed X times" (where X can be an exact number of views for small view counts < 1000, or a rounded number in the form of 1k, 2k,... for larger view counts). Then, a popup hint will show up listing the exact number of views currently registered by the Stack Exchange engine.

Screenshot for a very active question on Meta — Formatting Sandbox:

enter image description here


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