In the Low Quality Answers queue “Looks OK” option has a description

It is an honest attempt at answering the question and is not low quality.

In most of cases when a reviewer wants to click “Looks OK” option, they agree with the first part “ It is an honest attempt at answering the question”. However the answer still may be of low quality, but has some value and doesn’t need to be deleted.

I suggest to remove “and is not low quality” to avoid any confusion.

Alternatively it can be changed to “ and the provided information may be useful”.

Suggestion from Cody Gray‘s comment: It should say "No action necessary".

According to [Guidelines for reviewing Low quality answers][1] “Looks OK. This is the correct choice for answers that aren't eligible for deletion, or for questions that aren't closeable.” So alternatively the text can be changed to

This is an honest attempt at answering the question and isn't eligible for deletion.

Please also see Change wording of "Looks OK" on Low Quality Post review option, that has the same concern, but suggests to change the button text rather than clarification description.

The button used to be "Looks Good", but it was changed to “Looks OK” in Rename "Looks Good" or add a "Looks OK, just Incorrect" in Low Quality Question Review . However clarification text was not changed at that time and became inconsistent with the button label.



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