When an edit review is pending, the notification window includes what appears to be a link to see Reviewer Stats.

a screenshot of the "you have already reviewed this item" popup

On hovering, we can (barely) see that it's actually a button with a transparent background.

the same screenshot but with the "reviewer stats" button hovered over

Same thing occurs after an item has completed review, where we can see the difference with a properly coloured button:

enter image description here

I assume this is a bug.


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This is not a bug. It's an actual Stacks button style, so it's undoubtedly by-design. In fact, this is actually the default style for anything classed as a button. (You have to explicitly opt-in to either an outlined or filled style.) Whether it is sensible to have a button that doesn't look like a button except when you hover over it is debatable, like whether most of Stacks makes sense...

In this specific case, the design shouldn't have a button at all. This is a progressive disclosure idiom; it should use a flippy triangle or something that provides affordance to make the function clear. Unfortunately, Stacks strikes again; "Expandable" components use toggle-buttons (i.e., things that look like buttons, but visually preserve a "toggled" state) to control whether the item is expanded or not.

  • Hmm how have I been here for a decade and not seen this design stuff before‽ I’d still assume that someone meant to make it a filled button; I can see a transparent button’s value in some situations like as a cancel button next to a primary button, but it makes no sense just existing on its own.
    – miken32
    Mar 11, 2023 at 14:11
  • 1
    Stacks has only been a thing for the past few years, I think 2-3 , so "How I have been here a decade and" ... you can't see what's not there Mar 11, 2023 at 14:13

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