In the flagging menu (see bottom for reference), almost every single category has a link to a clarifying help center entry. The only exceptions are:

  1. Duplicates (which has a comprehensive submenu making complete misuse unlikely)
  2. "In need of moderator intervention".

As it is, there seems to be significant confusion about number 2:

-> I would like to see a help center entry containing examples for correct and incorrect usecases for this feature, and have it linked in the flagging menu.

  • The current wording is quite broad, newer users do not have good intuition on what the responsibilities of a moderator are.
  • This is the fallback option, increasing the likelihood of it being selected for situations where the user is unsure.
  • I suspect that this change could save quite some moderator time, and in turn prevent users from feeling bad about wasting somebody's time.

Menu for reference:

flagging menu



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