Disclaimer: I can't find the same situation for other sites, but I believe that all of non-English sites are affected (hence this BR should belong to MSE, but not individual per-site Meta). // end of disclaimer

In case when elected one day moderator deletes their own profile we will see the stub image "USER REMOVED":

mod removed en

It seems that for site with non-English interface we don't have that type of image. For instance, look here:

mod removed ru

The better solution here is to generate the image according the string from translation available via traducir.win

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    It has nothing to do with the site being non-English. Per this answer, it always becomes a broken image whenever a moderator deletes their profile, then staff swap it for a placeholder image. This placeholder has been inconsistent in the past - some older elections show "Departed" instead, some show "User Removed", and others show an archived copy of the user's flair before they deleted their profile - it's based on whichever staff member handles it at the time. (But again, this handling is completely manual.) Commented Apr 18, 2023 at 23:06


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