This feature request is not a duplicate of Add the ability to exclude sites in global searches. Please, note the URLs in the quotations below are different. That question is asking for the ability to exclude sites in global searches, this one asks for the same ability, but in the filter rule page (which is different).

Click the tags to see the difference on your own.

  • Quoting the comment from my deleted answer there:

This doesn't answer the question. The question is about using the global search feature, which is available at stackexchange.com not in the child sites. I just added (to the question's tags)

This is the webpage/system that searches all Stack Exchange sites at once. It's found at https://stackexchange.com/search.

Tag filters (AKA the Stack Exchange™ GlobalTag MegaBlender™), as seen at https://stackexchange.com/filters.

When you create a filter by a tag at https://stackexchange.com/filters you can include either all sites, or create a list of allowed sites

  • All Sites
  • Just these sites: ...

Add the third option to create a list of denied (excluded) sites

  • All sites except these sites: ...

This option is necessary because there are significant differences in the definitions of tags among the sites. For example,

  • Tag unix at StackOverflow:

NOTICE: All Unix questions must be related to programming; those that aren't will be closed. Use this tag only if your question relates to programming using Unix APIs or Unix-specific behavior, not just because you happen to run your code on Unix. General software issues should be directed to Unix & Linux Stack Exchange or to Super User.

Synonyms: unix-programming, unix-utils

  • Tag unix at AskDifferent:

UNIX is both the underlying code and architecture that makes up Mac OS X / iOS as well as a way of interacting with a Mac using the terminal app, X11 app, and various shells like bash or zsh. Whether you're logging into a mac using ssh, using mdfind or tmutil or using other open source software, you are doing things very much in common with other UNIX operating systems and toolsets such as Linux, GNU, and many, many others too numerous to list.

Synonyms: freebsd, bsd, linux, ubuntu

As a result, for example, searching the tag ubuntu on all sites will result in including AskDifferent questions tagged unix! This is valid for all synonyms: freebsd, bsd, linux, ubuntu! This is absurd!

  • The sites shall have the right to define their tags.
  • The users shall have the right to selectively ignore sites.


When you create filter rule: 'Just questions tagged with the ubuntu tag on All sites' the results will include Ask Different questions below because all of them are tagged unix. You'll get the same results for any of the synonyms: freebsd, bsd, linux, ubuntu

I use iTerm2 apps as my terminal option on my Mac computers. On my 1st Mac, when I type clear, it just clears out the current screen, and when I scroll up, it could still show the previous contents on this tab which I really like. ...

iTerm is a macOS application. It has nothing to do either with BSD or Linux. But, it is tagged unix. This makes the question synonym with freebsd, bsd, linux, ubuntu.

There are ~1000 questions on AskDifferent tagged [unix] polluting freebsd, bsd, linux, ubuntu filters.

When you complain you'll learn from the moderator that quoting:

... having freebsd, linux and some other commonly used terms as synonyms of unix helps to keep the more "unixly" questions together, without getting lost in details. ... having too many detailed tags is more harmful than useful.



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