I am looking for a site where I can ask about recording the type, position and velocity of game objects in a scene, with the values recorded relative to the camera in such a way, that I can use the information along with extracting the game's internal models and textures, as well as any other visual modifier info, in order to draw a new frame from scratch by directly interpolating the object positions based on the known object positions and the object velocities.

This is for an already existing game that I have not made.

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    It would be easier to understand what you're asking if you correct grammar (e.g. I vs i) and break up your sentence.
    – bobble
    Apr 28 at 22:11

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It's unclear what your question is exactly, but you might be able to get an answer on Game Development.
Be sure to check out their Help page on what's on-topic here—and to add a lot more details to your question.

I think the possibility of getting an answer completely depends on the engine and/or programming language used by the game.

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