Global search doesn't include questions tagged [community-standards] from Community Building, only from Meta Stack Exchange.

[community-standards] is:question returns 47 questions, all from Meta Stack Exchange.

Stack Exchange global search results

Copy-pasting the search box content into the search box of Community Buiding returns 16 results

[community-standards] is:question

On the other hand, searching [community] is:question returns posts from multiple sites (more than 5k results)


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That's a list of only 15 questions, which you can quickly verify by searching for "asked" on the page. By manually adding &pagesize=50 to the URL, you can see all the results, including the ones on Community Building.

The bug here is that the navigation is removed — there is no way to change the pagesize from the page you linked, nor is there a way to go to subsequent pages of results. This seems to be the same issue as in Pagination on stackexchange.com search is broken.

  • One thing that bugs me is that the bug is not always present. The other search that returned multiple sites on the first page and +5k results did not have this problem.
    – user1359324
    May 3, 2023 at 16:46