When I try to use inquestion:389834 or inquestion:this, I get a 500 HTTP status code. (This is what it shows.) I would really like to use this function.


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Looks like the same issue is happening with the inquestion:x search term on all posts on all sites. Repeated testing of this with different questions yields the same message.

  • Do I wait to mark this as the answer or wait till an admin acknowledge's it? Not used to bug question's been 4 hours and this is the only answer.
    – Big Joe
    Jun 6 at 20:04
  • 6
    @BigJoe - I think you should wait because this is just an answer that explains the bug rather than one that announces a fix of it.
    – CDR
    Jun 6 at 20:05

Seems to be fixed now. I've tested it with different questions and different sites and none of them error now.

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