How can I "escape" the spoiler syntax when putting some text in a blockquote that starts with an exclamation point?

Here is the text that I want in a blockquote

[email protected]

I want it in a blockquote, so I write this

> [email protected]

...but that appears like this

[email protected]

I also tried the backslash escape character

> \[email protected]

...but it still appears like this

[email protected]

How can I put an item of text in a blockquote that starts with an exclamation point without it appearing as a "spoiler"?

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Put an empty <p></p> block before it:

> <p></p>[email protected]

[email protected]

No idea why this works, but it does.

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    You can use any "empty" HTML, including comments (<!-- -->), which you can also use to tell any editors to not remove.
    – Laurel
    Commented Jun 11, 2023 at 21:22

You can use the Unicode code point U+200B ZERO WIDTH SPACE in front of your exclamation point, whether written as a literal character or as a named, decimal, or hexadecimal character entity:

  1. literal character :

​!secret literal character

  1. named entity &ZeroWidthSpace;

​!secret named entity

  1. decimal entity &#8203;:

​!secret decimal entity

  1. hex entity &#x200B;:

​!secret hex entity

Note how those all work. The interposition of another codepoint than an exclamation point suffices to throw the markdown parser off your trail.


Maybe use backticks like this:

[email protected]

... i.e.:

> `[email protected]`

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