I want to self-publish a book (Fictional; poem and songbook). I have a lot of questions regarding the publication of this.

But I cannot find an appropriate site! (the Academia site seems to be oriented toward scientific/research publications).

So where might I post such questions?


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I think https://writing.stackexchange.com/ is a good place to go. I'm not a frequenter of that site but the tour page states:

Writing Stack Exchange is a Q&A site for anybody interested in the craft of writing, editing, and publishing, whether it's professionally, artistically, or as a hobby.

[emphasis mine]

The [publishing] tag also states:

It may refer to the commercial publishing industry, small press, self-publishing and on-demand publishing. This tag should be used for any questions regarding the publishing process in any of these forms.

[emphasis mine]

In their help/on-topic page:

Questions on these topics are welcome here:

The publishing and editing process itself.

I also found a question about publishing children's books that is seeking advice and was received quite positively so I think you're safe to go there.

Make sure to always check a site's rules and guidelines before posting and ensure, to the best of your ability, that your post is not a duplicate.


I would suggest writing Stack Exchange. Their help/on topic page and other pages agree that your question is fine. UPDATE:It seems that you have posted your question. Nice job and it seems to be recieved well.

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    +1'd and Thank you. I have found that site by reading comments and answers to my question at Meta. And I have asked 2 questions there yet.
    – user334271
    Commented Jun 16, 2023 at 10:00

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