Is it acceptable to cross-post from Area 51 discussion zone when seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site?

This answer says either is fine, but I wanted to check about cross-posting in particular.

In this case, my query arises as a minority of questions on-topic in the proposed site might also be on-topic elsewhere. I’m seeking clarity on this.

For context, the question is here and the proposal is for Clinical Informatics.

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    "seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site?" I wonder if it might go well here. Disregarding PromptDesign.SE because it's more of an exception than a norm, there's a close reason "Relates to only one specific network site" on here. If you're looking for site-recommendation based on a specific topic, then it should be on-topic, but I rarely see a discussion about a specific site proposal here nowadays. Commented Jun 27, 2023 at 3:51


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