I'm interested in whether or not there have historically been this sort of partnership with research in the academic space or if it is planned for the future. This could be something like a grant, scholarship, or just support from the developers.

I understand there could be a blog post about this information, but other than a great answer referencing papers and some success stories from Mathematics, I do not see any formal effort. I would expect more interest to leverage the public data dumps, such as a conference or publication related to their use, but maybe this compromises some copyright thing I don't know about?


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Historically, there was indeed such a program. However, it's not currently supported. It was more of a way to collaborate and did not really provide other incentives as far as I'm aware.

If you set alerts for Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow in Google Scholar, you'll soon be buried in related research. I'm not sure how up-to-date the papers using Stack Exchange data answer is. I can see some papers missing off the top of my head, unless they were not added for lack of peer review.

  • Thank you. This form was what I was after - I will keep checking back to see if there are updates. Commented Jun 30, 2023 at 23:57

Does Stack Exchange offer any incentives related to use of their data explorer in research?

As far as I know, no. There is a fair amount of papers using Stack Exchange data, and I haven't seen any mentions of Stack Exchange incentives in the few ones I went through (acknowledgement sections). On the contrary, Stack Exchange is looking at monetizing the use of its data.


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