I was trying to get an unread notification on my spare account for some screenshots. I am logged into the network, and was on recently enough to @ autocomplete

I've tried pinging, superpinging, and other users pinging the account. When I joined the chat, I see the usual bubble notifications

"4" bubble on profile picture in chat

I'm wondering if I'm missing something or just hit upon a weird bug.

Seems a bit risky to miss superpings, as it's a useful moderation tool especially.

  • Pings, like all moderation features, are on strike. :-) Also, there's usually a delay before chat notifications reach the inbox. What are your bot account's settings for that? Jul 5 at 5:53
  • ..... I embarassingly don't remember if I set instant notifications on this, or where its supposed to be set. I got em now, there's a delay and I know EXACTLY what's the issue now Jul 5 at 5:57

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Thanks to Cody Gray - it turns out I'd literally forgotten about the existence of quicker notifications, and since I generally used this account to test things interactively (despite the name) as a non moderator user, I'd never noticed till now.

You can turn it on in your profile - click on your avatar in chat, and go to user profile, click on preferences and make sure the checkbox is ticked


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