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The first link is https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1429673/how-to-run-an-up-to-date-thunderbird-package-with-hdpiwayland-support-on-22-04/1431719#1431719

If I open this dialog on Stack Overflow, then the link is https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1429673/how-to-run-an-up-to-date-thunderbird-package-with-hdpiwayland-support-on-22-04/1431719#1431719

If I open this dialog from Ask Ubuntu, the link is correct: How to run an up-to-date Thunderbird package with HDPI+Wayland support on 22.04

It looks like the link uses the current domain instead of the domain name of the relevant website.

I use Firefox 116.0.1 on Ubuntu 22.04.



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