When a suggested edit was reviewed by the OP of a post, the "OP styling" - that background that shows up on the OP's username for comments and other actions associated with the post - used to be applied as well. It clarifies that it was OP who took the action, as, except for mods, they're the only person to have unilateral approve / reject privileges. However, that recently seems to have disappeared, showing the OP like any other reviewer:

"approved" banner. It shows one reviewer as approving, with no special formatting.

This is potentially confusing and is inconsistent with other styling around the OP taking actions surrounding their post. Can this please be added back? (Although there are more urgent bugs with suggested edits that should be fixed first...)

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    It was broken on purpose (aka "design change") hence not really a bug. Aug 23, 2023 at 18:06


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