In a series of comments under What "whizzy new tools" in space are America and its allies using to track China’s military activity and illegal fishing? (The Economist) (closed as off topic and I don't disagree) I wrote

There are two SE sites that we don't have yet but I think would thrive - Optics & Photonics (those questions get spotty answers at best in Physics SE) and War & Military Technology SE.

and later

Since there is so much information available on modern (and older) military equipment and its capabilities, and who's buying what, as well as the outcomes of military conflicts, I think there's certainly a large, rich fact base out there from which a Warfare & Military Technology SE site could draw questions and answers. Right now Politics, History, and a tiny corner of Space SE is where war can get a foothold in Stack Exchange, and since has such a huge footprint and impact on the real world, it could easily keep its own site active.

I'm wondering how accurate my impression is that "Politics, History, and a tiny corner of Space SE is where war can get a foothold in Stack Exchange". Perhaps there's more I don't know about, so I'd like to ask:

Question: What are the current sites that questions about warfare & military technology are on-topic and asked & answered with some regularity?

I don't mean any question would be on-topic, but some of them at least can be.

One way to start would be to check sites (via SEDE) that have tags that contain fragments like [*military*] and [*war*] that have regular activity. Another might be personal experience.


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Longtime History mod here. I've had the sad duty of counseling users on possible alternate sites for their off-topic questions. I've also hung out a bit on a lot of related sites, so I know a bit about what's adjacent to us.

We do field a lot of military questions on History. However the example one here I'm certain would be closed as off-topic. A general rule of thumb for History is that if your question doesn't use past-tense verbs, it's probably off-topic.

Another option for historical military technology is History of Science and Math. They are arguably a proper subset of History (so anything on-topic there is on-topic on History too), but the users there are experts on things most History users would have to research. So if your question is on-topic there, its probably the best place to ask.

If the question is about hand-to-hand fighting, one option not a lot of people seem to know about is Martial Arts. I've seen that site produce good answers for questions about the mechanics of Medieval European combat.

If the question is about military aircraft, Aviation fields some of those. I see an open question there right now about engine flameouts on MiG-31's

Similarly, Space Exploration fields questions about satellites.

I've never been on Engineering, so I have no real-world experience there, but it seems like the example question ought to fly there, if (reading from their Help Center) it can be made to seem a bit less of a "question that invites open-ended discussions or polls". Perhaps consider reading through their questions tagged military to get an idea what has been done there in the past and how it was recieved.

If the question is speculative, there's likely a way to formulate it which would make it on-topic on WorldBuilding.

If it's neither speculative nor using past-tense verbs, and doesn't fit the narrower technical niches of the other sites I mentioned, then I'd put it on Politics and pray. I'm not a regular regular there, but I've seen questions about current military strategy in the Russo-Ukranian war stay open and get good answers.

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