Earlier this year, Philippe created a post on MSO stating that SE wouldn't be running an April Fools joke this year.

Admittedly, that post did end with

We hope to continue celebrating April Fools' Day in the future, and we look forward to bringing you more fun in the years to come.

However, it was announced that the Winter/Summer Bash is canceled, and given that a lack of available resources was cited as a reason, I'm wondering if that also applies to April Fools.

Will SE be doing an April Fools joke in 2024? Or is that also going to be stopped/paused?

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TBD. As you pointed out we did cancel April Fool's this year due to bandwidth and it felt like it might be insensitive at the time given everything that was happening in the tech community at the time. It’s too early to make a call on whether we’ll be having an April Fool’s prank in 2024 or not.

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    Please, do not make one. I was already pissed off by the 2019 version that ruined a presentation I was doing at the time as it included opening StackOverflow and showing a particular answer of some problem. Sep 11 at 7:30

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