I have a web hosting/servers/clusterization/systems/hosting panels/web question. What would be the appropriate place to ask a question like that? As I understand it, it fits somewhere in between Server Fault and Webmasters.

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    This looks like a self-answer question. Questions like those could be asked in Webmasters and Server Fault but might also be asked in other places as there are a lot of sites in the Technology category that, in one way or another, might be related: stackexchange.com/sites#technology-traffic. Please be more specific. Consider posting a sample / draft question
    – Rubén
    Sep 14 at 21:29
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    A draft or example question is a really great way to help convey exactly what you mean.
    – zcoop98
    Sep 14 at 22:20
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    Without more details, how would we be able to tell you anything more than "yeah, try those; but hopefully include more information in your actual question"? Though note that it's probably off-topic for SF unless you are actually asking as a provider of hosting services.
    – tripleee
    Sep 15 at 8:30


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