Consider the search url:DarthFubuMVC (even searching globally). It returns posts that have that GitHub username in lowercase (https://github.com/darthfubumvc/htmltags), but not ones like A: fubumvc - rendering a collection as a drop down list which have the URL in mixed case (https://github.com/DarthFubuMVC/htmltags). (Note that the GitHub URL now redirects to a different name, but I didn't feel like finding yet another example.)

I looked at URL searching should not be case sensitive (though part of the answer seems to be inaccurate or outdated) which made me realize that quotes would allow me to find the results matching the case I used, but this doesn't help if I want to find everything that matches regardless of case.

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    Thanks for raising this @Laurel. I've captured this to share with the product team!
    – emmabee Staff
    Commented Sep 19, 2023 at 20:47


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