What does this mean:

enter image description here

When did I (will I :) earn this badge? It is September, December is still ahead of us.

Is it Dec 2, 2022? Only (due to a bug?) year is omitted?

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    @RobertLongson Yes, mine is a dupe of the mentioned one. Sorry for not enough research.
    – trejder
    Sep 20 at 10:36
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    I think this question that I asked is a better duplicate but its the same issue (though mine is a feature-request really)
    – Timothy G.
    Sep 20 at 14:42
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    Doesn't hovering the mouse cursor over it (or the equivalent) display the absolute date (not a rhetorical question)? Sep 20 at 18:25
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    @This_is_NOT_a_forum no, there's no tooltip for the badge dates in profile, can be a good feature request to ask adding them. Sep 21 at 8:34
  • @TimothyG. added that one as well. Sep 21 at 8:36

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At the time of writing, the fourth page of 'All actions' from your profile provides the answer:

Snippet of 'All Actions' showing the badge was awarded in December 2022

This shows that the badge was awarded to you on Dec 2, 2022. It's likely that the way this is shown as 'Dec 2' in the badges area of your profile is by design as it's within the last year.

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