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I'm using this greasemonkey script and today it's showing that I've reached the daily reputation limit on 51 days. But the Epic badge wasn't coming, and since I'm a relatively new user, I created a little manual statistics for the days I have => 200, and for the days that I have near 200.

The days with => 200 turned out to be 38.

And the number of days when I've actually reached the daily reputation limit (as the badge says) is 55.

Now, since on many of those days I have upvotes that are ignored due to then reaching the reputation limit, it seems a bit "unfair" to have such a big margin. The discrepancy, of course is due to:

  • my downvotes
  • deleted questions
  • users undoing accepted answers

So here's my suggestion: In order to have more proper results - i.e. at least to meet the badge description, make it work as follows:

  • count all days with reputation => 200
  • count all days where you have upvotes whose reputation was "trimmed" (due to the rep cap)
  • (optional) count all days where reputation + own downvotes => 200

P.S. No, I'm not complaining that "mommy, I didn't get my badgey. * weep * ". I'm suggestion a rational improvement.

P.S.S. I'm tagging "bug", because it might be realized as such. Imagine what the discrepancy will for for the Legendary badge - it might be 50!


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