On stackexchange.com, the list of all sites contains several stats for every network site. One of them was visits/day, but this has disappeared.

For an old screenshot where visits/day was included, see the screenshot in this question for an example.

What happened to the visits/day statistic? Was it removed on purpose, or is this a bug/omission?

  • Good question! Maybe removed as part of the "fix" here and they forgot to put it back when the actual bug was fixed. (bug causing it to always be 0) Oct 25, 2023 at 14:42

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It was removed with the rest of the traffic data, as described in A: Can we have a little notice letting people know that analytics changed after May 10, 2022?:

We have removed Universal Analytics data throughout our sites because of the inaccuracy and eventual lack of support from Google.

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