The upload limit for images and GIF files in questions and answers is 2 MiB, while the chat uploader has a size limit of 4 MiB for JPG and PNG (I haven't looked at GIF). In both cases, large images are lossily compressed, but I wonder: Why is the maximum image size that one can upload in the chat two times larger than the maximum image size that one can upload in a question or answer?

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    Probably because the configuration says so. At work, I keep getting into upload constraints (not often, thankfully) because I never comprehend all the places they need to be set; in IIS, in the .NET code, and/or in some obscure configuration file ...
    – Glorfindel Mod
    Jan 1 at 17:48
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    @Glorfindel thanks yes the question implies why this configuration, and why a human chose this config, etc. :) Jan 1 at 17:53
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    Most likely because different people worked on chat and Q&A and they made different choices because they didn't realise it was important to consult with each other, and maybe it actually wasn't. Jan 1 at 18:37


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