I have a few questions about the note taking app Obsidian, but I'm not too sure where to ask them. I've seen some Obsidian tags on the main page Stack Overflow, but I realized those questions are more geared towards code related questions, mines are more about the app itself. Is there another suitable site?

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    What type of app/platform? Mobile? Desktop? Just a website?
    – Laurel
    Commented Jan 29 at 18:42
  • Mobile and desktop application, not a website Commented Jan 29 at 18:44
  • Why exactly do you have questions about an ordinary application? Was the documentation or built-in help not sufficient? Commented Jan 30 at 5:07
  • Built-in help not sufficient Commented Jan 30 at 5:42
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    Please clarify via edits, not comments. Use enough words, sentences & references to parts of examples to clearly & fully say what you mean. Please delete & flag obsolete comments.
    – philipxy
    Commented Jan 30 at 6:28

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I assume that you are referring to https://obsidian.md. This "app" is cross-platform so there are several sites where you might ask questions about it:

  • Super User for questions about installable "apps" on computers, independently of the operative system
  • Ask Different for some questions about using Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad, including some questions about running/using "apps" on these devices.
  • Android Enthusiasts for some questions about using apps for Android.
  • Etc.

The complete list of sites is on https://stackexchange.com/sites. There you can learn the "site elevator pitch" / "site excerpt" of each site.

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