Yesterday, I suggested edits for both the tag wiki and tag wiki excerpt for the tag , and my tag wiki edit was approved, but my tag wiki excerpt was rejected.

You can see here: https://meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/88672

I took a reference from the tag wiki excerpt given for the tag , . I found that the tag wiki excerpt of the tag given is part of the same as the tag wiki given.

I already read the help center given from there, and the reason why my edit was rejected, but the problem now is we don’t have a tag wiki excerpt for the tag , have anyone got any ideas for the tag wiki excerpt?

I don’t have any ideas for providing basic guidance on when to use this tag.

  • I can't really explain, so I just edited it myself. Sorry for "stealing" potential 2 points! :) Commented Mar 13 at 7:47
  • @ShadowWizardLoveZelda So, what should I do with this question now? Commented Mar 13 at 7:49
  • 2
    FYI, your added extended tag wiki for the tag isn't accurate - there's no system feature to convert comments into answers, only the other way around. If you look at the posts using the tag, you'll see they're about hand-conversions. Commented Mar 13 at 8:01
  • Also, a fact for context: the existing excerpts for the two tags you mentioned were contributed in 2011, when the guidelines and intent were way less clear. Commented Mar 13 at 8:16
  • @user1176409 well everything can be always improved, so the question can stay, and one might suggest something better, or find a way to explain how to write it better. No harm is keeping the question around, as the tag wiki can always be edited. Commented Mar 13 at 8:36


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