Using TinyURL URLs in posts is banned on SE. The error message is:

Body cannot contain "https://tinyurl.com/xai"

Please avoid using URL shorteners; they can break without leaving any useful artifact and are often used to obscure spam or malicious links.
Editors: please replace the short URL noted above with the URL it redirects to!
For details, see meta.

Screenshot of error message when tinyURL is inserted in post

It'd be clearer to say:

Body cannot contain "https://tinyurl.com"

instead of, in this case, "https://tinyurl.com/xai".

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Such a message would be incorrect (proof). I don't know the exact regex that's blocking that sort of content, but the second paragraph tells me exactly what I need to do, so I'm in favor of keeping the message as it is.

  • Thanks, good point, in that case, just write down the entire URL in the error message then? Mar 26 at 20:52

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