Editing tags is a minor change; "Edited by ..." should be added only for big edits/ improvements.

Personally, I find "Edited by ... Kilroy" distracting, not helpful.

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    With the privilege "moderator tools" meta.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/moderator-tools I get inline tag editing. I like to know if tags has changed so I don't step on any one else changes. So if anything, if the "edited" indicator is removed then I rather have it based on reputation.
    – rene
    Mar 29 at 10:06
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    I suppose one could argue that retagging a question is not really editing the question. I usually click on "Edited by ..." to see what improvements were made to the question and I am usually disappointed when all that was done was a change to the tags. Good and appropriate tags are important, but my expectation when I see "Edited by ..." is that the question itself has been improved.
    – PeterJames
    Mar 29 at 11:06
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    All the meta information is distracting. E.g., most readers don't care about who the author is, only the actual content. Unfortunately, more and more meta content is being added. For instance, "Asked 2 days ago. Modified 2 days ago. Viewed 60 times." wasn't there the first 10 years of Stack Overflow existence. Apr 1 at 8:42
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    How about a compromise? Record all edits in the timeline & revision history, but stop tag-only edits from updating the "edited" card? And maybe stop tag-only edits from bumping the question.
    – PM 2Ring
    Apr 1 at 19:45
  • Is this only for tags-only edits? Not a kind for one-character typo fix edits? Apr 3 at 10:51

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Having a box under the question is not particularly distracting for most people, and is no more/less distracting whether there was a tag edit or a major edit. I still find having a link to the revision history readily available helpful.

That said, there is nothing stopping you from using a userscript to hide the revision box (or change the revision box to correspond to the last non-tag-only edit). You could make one yourself or post a to Stack Apps explaining that you find that distracting and would like a userscript to mitigate that distraction. This way you or anyone else who find that distracting could install the userscript and be satisfied without forcing any change on everyone.

One possible implementation could be tag-only edits just show the edited by link without the usercard, similar to on community wiki posts or revisions by the OP.

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    In the case of tag-only edits why not change the "edited ..." link text to "retagged ..."?
    – PeterJames
    Apr 2 at 9:44

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