In the Saves section of a profile (link pattern https://$community.stackexchange.com/users/saves/$userid/all?sort=Added) there is the "Added" sort option. But the items in the list don't show when the posts were added to the list.

Is there a way to know the date of when I saved a post (a Question or an Answer)? Maybe the date can be shown to the left of the 3 vertical dots (the Kebab menu icon) for the list item?

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    @ElementsInSpace Looks like you have included my concern in your post ("And if the list is sorted by Added, I suppose it'd be nice to actually see the dates that the items were saved to that list.") except I would suggest that the activity date would be in addition to the asked/answered date, thus the location next to the 3 vertical dots, which (in a recent update) also shows "Saved in $listname" text. Commented Apr 6 at 12:51


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