It appears the system will automatically convert every short answer containing a link, into a comment. This is bad design. I wrote a short answer that is self-contained and perfectly acceptable as an answer. This answer should not have been auto-converted to a comment; I am knowledgeable about the Stack Exchange platform and know what is and isn't appropriate for a comment and an answer, and the system should not override my deliberate choice. In my case, I know that even though my answer is short, it is still valuable and more appropriate as an answer than as a comment. My answer is short and does contain a link but is not a link-only answer. The platform should not force me to do something that I know is wrong.

I suggest this auto-convert-to-comment feature should be disabled for people with > 1K reputation (or should only raise a flag for moderator attention but not automatically do the conversion), and should be disabled if the link points to a page on another Stack Exchange site.

Also, I suggest that rather than converting to a comment, the system should provide a warning message and provide an opportunity to add to the answer before converting to a comment.

See also:

Before closing this as a duplicate of Answer appears automatically converted as a comment, please consider that I have made a specific request that was not listed there, and that I have provided context that is not listed there.



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