I am an avid user of the saves feature. I like it. I want to love it. One of the biggest pain points is how much I need to move my mouse around to add a post to a specific list.

  1. saves button is to the left of the post.
  2. toast notification shows up at the top, with modify button in the right side of the toast.
  3. dialogue pops up in the middle of the screen, with no autofocus, even (see Make clicking "manage" after saving a post auto-focus the list-selection dropdown).

I sometimes use a mouse. Fine- I have to do a dance around my screen hitting some not-very-large buttons to get what I want.

I sometimes use a trackpoint. This hurts. It doesn't hurt that much doing it once. But I use this feature a lot. I would not be surprised if I and NotTheDr01ds are the most heavy users of the feature. You could say "just don't use a trackpoint"... but you could also make the UX flow smoother.

I... don't have any particular bright ideas on how exactly to do this right now. Opening for discussion. Basically, I want to not have to move my mouse around so much to add a post to a specific saves list when using a mouse (I also use my keyboard the other 50% of the time, but that's another story).


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