I would like to see this feature implemented—an interface to push code from GitHub—as I keep having to copy paste code between Stack Exchange and GitHub.

I know that GitHub has its own discussion forum, but I often do not find answers to my questions there compared to Stack Exchange and would prefer this feature being implemented.

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    I don't understand why "code from github" would be relevant to any Stack Exchange network site other than Stack Overflow. Commented May 25 at 7:49

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That sounds like an extremely bad idea. Here is why:

  • this feature would only benefit sites like Stack Overflow and none of the other sites in the SE network.
  • the license of the code on GitHub might not allow verbatim copying.
  • it will most likely break the Minimal Reproducible Example requirement for code in questions (or answers for that matter)
  • I doubt if more than 1% of the content posted would even contain exact copies of full GitHub code files.

The feature already exist. Click "Copy Raw File" in the GitHub UI to get a copy on the clipboard, paste the content of the clipboard in a Stack Exchange post.

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Please don't use it.

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