Recently, I was one of five users to vote to close a question (timeline link) on Movies & TV SE. After it was closed, I realized that my chosen close reason didn't accurately apply (my bad), so I edited the question with the intention of having it reopened. Another user also voted to reopen the question around the same time.

I believe I checked the "This edit resolves the original close reason and the question should be considered for reopening" box when I edited the question. At this point, I expected the question to appear in my reopen review queue, allowing me to review it. However, it never showed up for me.

When I checked the reopen review page for the question, it stated, "You are not able to review this item" (or something similar; I don't recall the exact wording). This message differed from the typical "This item is no longer reviewable" message for posts that have left the queue. The same review page revealed that at least two other users had been able to review the question in the reopen queue.

So, the system, for some reason, marked me as ineligible to review this particular question for reopening. I speculate that this might be because I was one of the initial close voters, though I'm unsure why this would prevent me from reviewing it.

To summarize the sequence of events:

  1. A question was closed (by me and four other users).
  2. I edited the question.
  3. Shortly before or after my edit, another user voted to reopen the question.
  4. The question didn't appear in my reopen review queue, even after waiting a few hours.
  5. However, it appeared in the queues of at least two other users.
  6. The system marked me as ineligible to review this item. I'm wondering why this happened. 

(Eventually, I was one of the five users who reopened the question, with all five of us voting on the question itself, outside of the review queue, as none of us were listed on the question's reopen review page.)

I've read the Changing the question reopening experience and What are the review queues, and how do they work? posts, but this specific scenario doesn't seem to be addressed there.

I'm wondering what factors could cause a question that appears for reopening to other reviewers to not appear for a specific reviewer.

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    Just a guess: because you're the one that put the item into the queue (by ticking the checkbox), you're not eligible for reviewing it, i.e. you already want it reopened by putting it into the queue in the first place.
    – Lino
    Commented Jun 3 at 22:27
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    @Lino I remember a situation when I edited a closed question and ticked the 'for reopening' box. Within a few seconds or minutes after editing, that same question popped up in my reopen review queue. I was able to review it right away. Commented Jun 4 at 3:58


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