Is editing a post (then saving or canceling the edit) the only way to select a post? If not, how else can one select a post?

(Example of a selected a post, which is indicated by a grey fade.)

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    Judging by the tags, you're not using a mouse? Keyboard only? Might want to put that in the post too then. Or remove the tag again...
    – Tinkeringbell Mod
    Commented Jun 18 at 18:53
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    @Tinkeringbell thanks, I use a mouse too. Is there a way to select using a mouse? e.g. to select a post currently visible on the screen. Commented Jun 18 at 18:59

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Keyboard shortcuts that navigate the selection

These will move the selection to elsewhere. If nothing was selected

K - navigates to a post up. If none is selected, it selects a post at the bottom of the viewport.

J - navigates to a post down. If none is selected, it selects a post at the top of the viewport.

U - navigates to the post at the top of the page regardless of anything was selected before or not. The selection not related to where the viewport is:

  • in a Q&A it selects the question
  • in a list of posts - it select the first one

Keyboard shortcuts that do an action and select a post

These are only applicable to Q&A pages.

Some actions will automatically select a post if none is selected at first. The selection is usually the top post in the viewport but might be a bit fuzzy with partially-shownposts.

V - Vote

E - Edit

C - Add/show comments

L - Link (opens the Share link)

M - Moderate (flag/close/delete as well as access the timeline)

You can also check the keyboard shortcuts help with ? and actions that will automatically select a post are marked with *.

keyboard shortcuts help


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