Here on MSE I found the tag that has a synonym but the there's no questions with target tag. That's how it look on tag synonyms page:

enter image description here

On mouse over you can see the tooltip "This tag does not currently exist.". On touch screen devices there is no such hint. You can't just tap that tag because there's no link at all. You need to use source tag, e.i. , instead. But when you do this you'll be redirected to tag as the target tag and will see ... zero active questions, however expected count was 14 (as stated next to "full-site" tag).

I think that the full list of questions could be found with SEDE somehow, but I found one manually: The in-review-queues edit layout is different from the normal (out-of-review-queues) edit layout on mobile. How can I always use the former?

Just try to click on "full-site" tag over it to see that there's no such questions.



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