When inputting wrong password and correct email in the Login page, I get a "warning" icon overlapping the show/hide password icon:

an image showing "warning" icon overlapping with the show/hide password icon

When inputting incorrect email, though, it doesn't overlap:

an image showing "Login" page with an error saying that no user found with matching email

The email has to be correct in order to reproduce this bug.
Same happens on all other Stack Exchange sites.

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    Bug reproduced on my device.
    – The_AH
    Commented Jun 28 at 15:04
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    Well that is just a poor graphic design choice, to put the icon inside the textbox. It "works" fine for short emails, and isn't noticeable, which is likely the reason nobody noticed until now. Doubt it's a bug (i.e. it's the design they applied on purpose) but meh, better be changed. (Slim chance for that but no harm asking. ;)) Commented Jun 28 at 16:10


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